Yonathan Arbel

Welcome! I am Yonathan Arbel and I am an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Alabama. I specialize in commercial law and I teach classes and seminars in contracts, contract theory, and secured transactions. I enjoy thinking about social problems using the tools of law & economics, but I often engage with other disciplines as well. My articles are mostly located here.

I use this blog to keep in touch with students and to keep track of stray thoughts. Nothing here represents any formal or professional stance and some ideas are just explored for the sake of exploration. Indeed, quite a few are silly or pedestrian, but a blog is a good place to collect such thoughts.

I am an avid believer that feedback is a true form of generosity, even when–especially when–it is critical. I have a pro-feedback credo, (Feedback Credo) which is mainly used when I distribute drafts, and I also welcome anonymous feedback through this link.

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