Testing Encoders

I wanted to get a feel for myself of how well Masked Language Models perform at uncovering masks. This is a fairly trivial exercise, but I wanted to do it myself to get a better intuition of relative performance. Maybe it’ll be helpful to you as well, code on the bottom. The Tasks: Answer these…
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Smart Contracts and the Blockchain

In theory, smart contracts do not depend on the blockchain. In practice, however, most applications do connect the two. Here I investigate the strength of the link by analyzing Github repositories. I used a Python script to go through all the repositories that fit the search query “smart contracts.” The (very raw) code is appended…
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Defamation Law with Bayesian Audiences

This is the previous draft of our forthcoming paper, Yonathan A. Arbel & Murat Mungan, Defamation Law with Bayesian Audiences, Forthcoming Journal of Legal Studies. The draft is titled “Regulating Information with Bayesian Audiences“

The Medium: What Are Defamation Cases About?

The Supreme Court dealt with a relatively large number of defamation cases over the years. I was curious to see which media were most commonly involved. With the help of my trusted RA, Brandon Hobbs, we were able to create the above graph based on the analysis of 45 cases found on Westlaw. (Caveats apply:…
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Homeschooling Update

Post quarantine it’s been harder to keep the same schedule, and ironically or not, going to school led to a serious slowdown in the kids’ academic development. Still, we keep on doing Anki (“The Honesty Game”) every day. Their decks include: (a) Multiplication table (1-12) (b) Division (1-12) (c) Powers and roots (simple ones: 2^2,…
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Hill v. Gateway: The Possibilities

Hills v. Gateway 2000 105 F.3d 1147 (1997) generates a lot of controversies, which is appropriate since the decision is pretty much wrong. (No, battle of the forms does not require forms, a single form is enough). I want to offer a simple outline of the various logical possibilities, including my favorite one. We have…
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Lost Volume Theory: A Simple Recap

If there is one principle that’s key to understanding contract damages is that the legal system is terrified of someone getting more compensation than what they deserve. One mustn’t profit from a breach of K. Put the non-breaching party in the position they would’ve occupied but for the breach, but not a better one. What…
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