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A collection of teaching materials for the benefit of others. Feel free to copy, amend, or make suggestions. I’m constantly reworking my materials.

Law Review Article Template. This template is useful for writing law review articles. Beyond its aesthetics, it also has a bunch of useful shortcuts:

.1. Alt+b abbreviates, for example, “Harvard Law Review” into “Harv. L. Rev.”. 2. alt+t uses title capitalization (“to kill a mockingbird” -> “To Kill a Mockingbird”). 3 alt+c inserts a cross-reference. 4. alt+r remembers the number of a footnote, so you can insert a cross-reference more easily. 5. ctrl+shift+v pastes text you copied from the internet without ruining the format of your document.

To get it working, you will need to click “enable macros” when you run it (see below). This is generally a bad idea from a security perspective because if you don’t trust the author of the macro, they can do malicious things on your end. Obviously, the code doesn’t intentionally include anything like that, but still, use it at your own discretion.

Advanced ContractsSyllabus: A seminar for advanced level students. Themes: Economic, sociological, philosophical, psychological theories of contract law; Contract drafting–theory and simulations; Formal and informal enforcement.

Law, Economics, And Society: The seminar brings speakers on a variety of topics, which involve economic, sociological, economic, and psychological methodologies to the study of law. List of speakers for 2020.

The ThankYouMater: As you write an article, you add the names of people who helped you, your RAs, and conferences you attended. With a click of a button, you get a sorted list for your star footnote.

Just a small productivity hack. Instructions on how to use the tool. Download Link. If you want to get it working, you need to enable macros:

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